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We’re Proud to Announce That Dr. Voloshin was Featured in the Local News

In the article, “Doctor Uses Physical Therapy, Rather Than Opioids, To Help Patients With Pain”, Dr. Voloshin talks about his unique approach to patient care and pain management.

When asked about the current opioid epidemic plaguing New Jersey, Dr. Voloshin had this to say: “Overprescription of pain medication has made it a challenge to work with patients who have had pain for a long time…As a physical therapist, the big thing I find that works is education and getting patients to understand exactly what the pain is, why they have it and how they can go about treating it without relying on pills.”

Instead of focusing on pills and quick fixes, Dr. Voloshin and the staff at Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation try to get patients to “focus on what they can do versus what they couldn’t do a week ago, try to get them as functional as possible and show them that they can do things without pills.”

While this is not easy, Dr. Voloshin believes that personal care and long-term relationships will lead to more healthy, happy patients.

Yes, we have to admit to being a little biased…but don’t take our word for it, check out how pleased our patients are about the care and treatment Dr. Voloshin has provided them over the years.

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